Dec 31, 2012

My year 2012

I had my days after my studies when the year began. I was enjoying the gentle sound of the waves at Raalhugandhu, Male’ when the clock turned 00:00 on 1st January 2012. I was preparing my mind to my 2012 resolution, “Settlement”.

Began reporting

I attended my dissertation assessment few days after the New Year, in Colombo. It was then, the protests broke out in Male’ following the arrest of Criminal Court Judge. I returned to Male’ during the most chaotic days Maldives ever witnessed.

I believed it was my responsibility as a fresh journalist to take part in the reporting, since it was government controlled media and opposition run media all around.

I had no affiliation with any local media then. But ‘DhiIslam’ showed their interest and I volunteered to report the protests for them. Maybe for the first time in Maldives, I had LIVE tweetcasted more than 12 of the 21 continuous protests that occurred after 16th January.

It was one of my most challenging days when I had just returned as a journalist, seeking a platform to report my stories, and then faced this turmoil that changed everything.

I remained as independent as I could, bringing every action that happened before my eyes, without any fabrication.

It was 7th February that changed my perception about free media. All the media was restrained, however I managed to sneak-in at Jumhooree Maidhan since 2am and had it all on records that I later shared with authorities as well.

It was my very first news conference when President Nasheed announced his resignation. And my very first live event was President Dr Waheed taking oath as the new president.

Paradigm shift in career

After 8th February, I began thinking about my career and what I can do for this nation in a different perspective. That was when I met team “X”. I am proud to be part of this team that brought great tranquility in that time of turmoil in Maldives.

I contributed to some of the most impactful scripts that were aired on some of the mainstream channels and online media and I tend to keep my identity anonymous for many reasons, as fame is not my cup of tea, but outcome.

As I continued this freelance profession, I had come across information that not everyone could reach as an ordinary or an average person. I am glad I have acquired knowledge beyond the face of political drama in Maldives. I am delightful that I can teach those to everyone else and open up minds one day, soon, Insha Allah!

Continued freelance

Without having a thought of joining any media, I continued freelancing for a while. Had my articles published on local and international magazines and continued contributing to TV scripts and online media organizations.

The settlement

Finally at the last quarter of the year, I began my quest to settle on my own. Everything is gifted by fate and fate never betrays an honest quest.

Now as I write this on the last day of 2012, I am successfully ‘settled’ on my own. I have secured a professional job of my career at The President’s Office, and continue my freelance service and other part-time work as well, one including at Maldives Police Service.

Two Thousand Twelve is indeed an epic year for me, which changed the whole architecture of my life.

Gone through lots of trouble in 2011 and totally revived in 2012, Al’hamdhulillah, I can walk on every surface I put my feet on. Forward it is, always forward, Insha Allah!

I would also like to express my utmost gratitude to those who stand by me during this journey; those who hated me for giving me more strength, those who criticized me for making me differentiate between good and bad, those who loved me for keeping me secured in mind, and everyone for making a difference in somewhere when they came as angels to my time.

I am totally confident about the next year of reaching remarkable goals, Insha Allah! 2013, welcome and let’s make a difference. Yes, my new year resolution “Make a Difference”


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